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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  April 28, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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hear about children dying in the schools. >> that is why sharon wong is banning together with others that would require all schools in california to stop epi pens. >> and they want to have someone on staff to administer the epi pens in case of emergency. the bill is being supported by both democrats and repuicans, but it's also being opposed by one of the most powerful and popular groups of the state. the teachers' unions. >> teachers are highly trained in teaching children. they are not highly trained in deliver medical services. >> the california teachers association said administering the epi pens goes quote, under the stage of teacher training, end the quote. if the answer is for schools to
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hair more nurses. >> what is your reaction to that? >> i totally agree. >> a lot of people will watch this and say what about thrives of the children and the 2001s in danger right now. >> that's why we need their assistance. we want them to get the medical care they need and come to school everyday. >> i was a former teach earn. i'm actually quite shooked and disappointed by it. as the teacher you cannot teach that way. >> reporter: this bill haze already passed through two committees. a good push of support. wednesday, it goes to the judicial committee and senate. i was just talking to folks who work in sack hen to, they say
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say the unions are starting to flex their muscles. ken. >> yeah, phil. these are powerful groups. california teachers association. big lobbying group in santa clara. have they talked about where exactly the bill stands right now? this is more of a resistance to them actually doing more work or them wanting to see more nurses, more administrative staff. >> as you know, whenever a bill passes through sacramento, people hang different agendas on them. first off, teachers are teachers. the people say we have to take care of the problem now. it is jobs. it is money. it is a definition of teaching in democratic. it is going to make the one to debate. >> phil matier in san francisco tonight. for the first time we're
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hearing the family of the south bay tita who stowed away on a flight. bet citations yu joins us with more. >> that's right. we are learning the story of the stow away teen has more to it than we first saw. once you have heard the story reasons it is completely not true. the brother, sister and step mom told me about his dangerous and daring trip across the pacific ocean was not a desperate attempt to reunite with his birth woman. ya ya had to plan to go to aver candle stick when he climbed the fence and climbed into that rear wheel. his brother and sister are upset hearing their mom in africa is blaming the stepfather were breaking up the family. she told reporters her ex- husband died about her being dead and he was not safe in america with her step mom. >> how do you feel about your
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year mom saying that? >> he is making up --e -- lying. she said maddock. he abused me. . >> you think your brother wanted to go to africa this time? >> uh-uh. >> why not? >> i don't know. he was out of his mind, i guess.
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>> can't help for feeling for this 15-year-old bit. it is tough enough being a teenager. but all this family drama, that can't help things. >> reporter: you're right. the family is going through so much emotion. we did hear from the brother that it is not unusual for him to take off once every few months. but he usually does come home. they also said she a quiet kid. he keeps to himself. whenever he is stressed out, he doesn't always share the information with his family. >> to see the initial reaction from his african birth mother and weigh in, go to our website word on what may have caused that mid-air collision between the two small planes
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above san pablo bay. crews spot the wreckage of the one missing cessna. kpix 5's christin ayers on the discovery and what happens next. >> reporter: yeah, ken. ntsb officials are reporting they were conducting some sort of high speed passing maneuver in mid-air. now the sheriff's office tells me they have pinpointed with that plane is. you the actually say -- where that plane is. there is a boat in the bay floating over the area. we are told where that plane is located. where it crashed into the bay. the plane about a mile and a half off the richmond shoreline. take a look at picture west have here for you. the spot is marked by a buoy. that is where the aircraft is actually located underwater. we hear it is in about 13 feet
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deepwater. e. tomorrow, spring will feel like summer. >> reporter: widespread 60s today. 70s away from the water. highs almost hit 80. sunny vail you hit 75. 68 in richmond. still chilly along the coastline.
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daily city with a high of only 62. but here comes the big ridge of high pressure. we get lots of those. if they build to our north, it sets up a pattern where we draw in an east wind. that can often give us a heat wave. we will have that starting tomorrow. close to a verdict on
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friday only to deadlock. then they came back today to consider a lesser charge and then returned a nonguilty verdict. police say he was in his boxers looking into his female neighbor's win core of engineers when he was arrested last summer. other bay area headlines. investigating the city's first homicide of the year. 32-year-old francisco medina was standing in front of a home when he was shot last night. he dayed a short time later. no arrest have been made. >> : b.a.r. t trying to build up years of unused vacation and ling sick time and cash it out when they retire. it has almosted to six figure payouts. from now on, employees won't be able to accrue that time other long periods. they will have to can cash out at the end of each year. just when you thought it was over for candle stick, plans were announced for one
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last matchup. the greats came to the stadium today to talk about the legends of candle stick game. they will take on dan marino and others in a flag football game. we spoke with them one on one today. still to come, bay area cities that are paying the homeless big bucks to skip town. >> 350 grand for a house in marin. sounds like sale. let's see if it is a catch. an internet security flaw so big just opening your browser could be trouble. the bug that can get hackers total control of your computer with one click. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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albany over the weekend. people were pai new at 6:00, other bay area cities are watching what
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happened in albany over the weekend. homeless people were paid to leave. don ford talked with the mayor and advocates for the homeless who say the idea may be spreading to other bay area cities. >> like many bay area cities, san rafael has homeless people living on the street living hand to mouth one day at a time. >> we're almost here. we tried to take care of each other, behave. >> the mayor say there is is more than you think. >> homeless, approximately 500. >> h most stay out of the trouble. this weekend, one solution across the bay that albany got their attention. >> a payment of $3,000 per person. >> the homeless were paid to leave. this weekend, most of them left. the city wanted the former dump cleared so it could be added to
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the east shore state park. keep in mind, albany was sued and forced into the agreement, but it worked. the mayor says for them it is on a case by case basis. >> if we find homeless individuals, people willing to accommodate them. we might assist them in returning returning back. >> i wouldn't be a murder no more. >> i think the $3,000 is a lot of money, but in terms of a permanent house it is like two cents. >> in san rafael, don ford kpix 5. >> 20 homeless people signed the agreement to leave the albany location and not come back for a year. a few people not part osteal are still there. workers at a north bay hospital fighting to kite open after administrators announced today they would be closing the
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cars. the financially able is on the verge of bankruptcy a. lot of competition from big names. almost $7 million in the hole. so, the doors were closed. the lights under the off at noon. doctors were working on ways to continue providing services. they have set you have up approved outdoor triage office and small waiting area and hospital bed. >> wed would like to proceed with keepling the hospital's open. >> the other doctors say they have secured two million dollars to keep it open. they are considering reopening the hospital as an egypt care facility. shaping up to be a firey cinco de
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mayo. >> the tea party is talking about the controversy. >> reporter: ly. >> soon, there will be many more like. this at least 40 flag and tea party raiding inside to plan and rally in front of the school on cinco the. >> they have is a symbol of payout tim in america. the american flag t-shirts out of consider for all students' safe they. >> the boys wore the shirts to exclaude celebration. everyone was a point of hire tension at the school. >> so who know what is will down in. >> the outside boost.
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e. >>p home re hoy will piing about bying record went deferrive remember it to >>p yen presidents toyingp the pling me will h oh breaths, the -- students aring speaking out asked all adults to stay away. ranonymously on a nationwide blog.. not a local conserva website. in morgan hill, len ramirez kpix 5. >> as a threat students posted anonymously on a nationwide log. >> promising schools for california schools. more students are graduating than ever before. for the first time in state history t graduation rate
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topped 80ers. the dropout rate fell from 13% in september 12/11. marin down boats saw a large graduation rate. alameda 880 88. >> paul, u.s.s. it is going to get tougher because of the wind. >> reporter: speaking of school thank time that we were this one, was the beginning of school. last year. we're talking about temperatures in the 90s. one of the spots that make it as soon as to believe. great shot from hospital the distracted. highs today. livermore 77.
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son 606 i.i i have 68. last time we hit 9 9. it has been seven months since we have been as warm as where we are tomorrow, the next dane the next the rage. .reasonable
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here we go. 90 in fairfield. almost 90 in livermore. 23457a 87. oakland 80. wednesday or thursday. mid 90s inland. close to 90 here at the bay. out of control. we found a house in such bad shape.. wd to sign a waiver to get in! but the condition isn't they catch for potential buyers.t gets worse! plus: is your car spying on you? what your fancy on-board computer kno. and.. who it's telling. the bay area real estate ma
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is your car spying on you. what your fancy on board computer knows and is telling. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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think you've seen it all. y haven't. our allen martin found quite the bay area real exstate market has gotten so crazy, you might think you have seen it all. >> you haven't. allen martin found quite the bargain in marin county. but as you can guess, there is a catch. >> larkspur is the epitome of the neighborhood, but houses cost 1.6. i thought that might make a good rental property, or a flip. cost me 350,000. i thought that's got to be too good to be true. >> we tell you do catch your footing on the front steps, but you can't get them anyway. can't get up the back steps. and we weren't even allowed to
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take a camera in the morning. 876 square feet of living space. at the hind open house, just ask -- what did you think when you saw this? >> well, pretty obviously a tear down to me. but it's the location. location, location. >> the bank owns the location now. previous owner went into foreclosure after placing 6:00 those. what is known as the honeymoon cottage dates back to 1905. >> but it is a great comfortable of that early, early opinions. it has some very sweet architectural features. >> david remembers alice camp who lives in the home about 40
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years. >> her husband died early, long time ago and she maintained that modern house themselves. >> on a scale of one to 10, 10 being the most difficult, what did you think when you saw the forecast. >> you know it is prized to sell. >> make no mistake, this house will probably sell more than the $350,000 asking price. but when i can touru sure you get that from the city. it tells you say attendance conversation on your dollars. i am is.
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>> two bed. coming up in our next half hour, the racial fire storm is getting more evening. details on an internet bug so scary the department is helping out. ,,,, [doorbell rings]
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owner of the l-a clippers. now at 6:30, the nba is beefing discussions tonight about what's next for the emailing battled owner of the la clippers. the fire storm surrounding donald sterling is already costing the team money. several advertisers drop the team today.
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>> don't come to my games. don't bring black people e. don't come. >> the comments attributed to clippers owner donald sterling when talking about the players on his team. today, the mayor of los angeles weighed in >> i want the players to know this city is behind them and they are welcome. >> he said he had a conversation today with nba commissioner. he made it very clear. >> we want the strongest penalties. there is no place for racism. >> sterling will know his fate tomorrow after the news conference. today, the la chapter of the naacp announced it is taking back the lifetime achievement award sterling was to receive in two weeks. and. >> the donation he was given will be returned. >> ever since sterling purchased the clippers more
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than 30 years ago, there have been whispers, if you will, about his feelings toward minorities. many comments made off the record or off the cuff and seldom, if ever, reported publicly. >> we have statements from the 80s where he said he wanted to have a white southern coach, coach a team of black players. >> douglas took on steriling in a court. >> manning was a first round draft choice. in the early 80s, he told manning this is a lot of money for a poor black kid. the only color that matters to donald sterling is green. >> that was david lopes reporting. as we mentioned, nearly a dozen sponsors build on the tame today.
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carmax who has been with the team nine years is cutting ties. there are several more suspending sponsorships including red b and state form. tornado warners have been destroyed this afternoon a day after more than two dozen twisters touched down. cbs h's alexis christopher. >> two towns were hardest hit. a twister packing winds estimated over 30 miles an hour. caused an 80-mile pack of destruction from the suburbs of little rock. a three-year-old girl was found 100 feet from her home.
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her hips, badly injured. >> reporter: this rj park took what direct hit. there were 65 campers parked here. now, it's just acres of twisted wood. an the. >> voluntaries parade and held hands while confers checked to see if all who worked there were accounted for. >> moving to the right. >> inlo wase -- cbs news may
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flower arkansas. >> president obama send escorted his condo senses promising the government will help them rebuild how long it wakes. >> new video is shedding new light on the that stinks video. hundreds of passengers including children were still on the ferry when the cap pain jumped to safety. he was clearly in a hurry wear nothing shoes or pants. today, investigators raided the office as part of a problem to the initial response. 188 people are confirmed dead. more than 100 still missing. the u.s. holidaying rout new sanctions to cry and convince russia to stop provoking ukrain.
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the department of homeland security is urging people not to use internet explorer, at least until newly detected bug is fixed. where if users click on a malicious link or attackment. do not appear top be wiped bread. >> this is unusual. it is a pretty big deal if you are involved in one of those fields. >> the best ways to protect yourself, to save all your flash plug ins, ask for a. still ahead, the convenience with hidden cost. >> coming up, how data services may be used against you. hundreds of jobs are beings drive tonight california aftert made an offer toyota could rent fuse.
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plano. toyota is packing up heading to texas. they are moving head quarters from california to plano, a suburb of dallas. toyota says the new corporate head quarters will bring together employees scattered around the country. the company is offering relocation packages to the 1,000 employees who currently work at its california facility. >> it comes with sad news that we found out that toyota motors is moving their complete operations to texas. and that operation will be moving by the end of 2014. >> city leaders say they will work aggressively to get another major company into that space. governor perry says the state offered 40 million to make move. at 5:00, we reported that your car could be spying on you. it is on board computers can
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record every word. our reporter julie watts also learned your car may be tracking more than your conversations. >> reporter: yes. your car's gps records every move you make. and the little black box records even more than that. information that can and may be used against you. >> the computer in ken's nissan helped lead him to a charging station. >> it was so helpful. >> and when the charging station wasn't working. >> they knew exactly where i was and sent a tow truck to tow. >> who else does it know and who else knows it. >> the manufacturer probably knows where they are and where they have been. >> an electronic privacy expert says that is just the beginning of car companies are gathering every time you cruise the voice activated system or compute in your car. >> manufacture will retain a record of what they searched
6:40 pm
for, any text messages they dictated and could share that information potentially with advertisers or insurers. >> and while you may not care in your insurer reads your texts, they point out almost all cars have a black box stored that records a lot more than that. >> it gathers information on where you're driving, how fast you're driving, how you're using your breaks. some cars can tell because of the seat belt sensors how many people are in the car. >> right now this is information consumers don't have access to, but third parties often do. >> right now, we have no way of knowing what they do with the
6:41 pm
data. >> they want feature that enables drivers topt out when they turn on their engine. right now, more people could be watching what we do on the road than are actually watching the road. >> reporter: a bill in the state senate would give drivers access to their own data being excellented from their vehicle. but privacy brawns say they are concerned about how much of it being collected without the about to opt out and how null in rabble it might be to hackers. manage hackers knowing every where you go. >> yes. now, when you buy a car, you have to sign special paperwork. there are stacks of papers that you have to go through. at any point, do you feel you're allowing companies to access this information. >> no. there was terms and conditions that state by simply using them you are allowing them share
6:42 pm
your data. >> if you arrive a car you're driving into -- a crave, you're driving a car that does this. >> you cannot use the car's technology. >> another reason i am never going to sell that he '66 chevrolet i dave. >> probably not tracking now. probably not. >> probably not. thanks, julie. 10 years and tons of control construction area. a. >> reporter: highs in the low to mid 50s. we will be five degrees shy of 100 degrees. pa find out which day, next.
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bring -- ,,,,,,
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seismic upgrade of the hetch hetchy water system. you're looking at the final step of that work - which is the today, we got an update of the water system. that is the retrofit of the reservoir here in san francisco. the site holds 28 million gallons of water for drinking. it is now 18,000 yards of concrete and more than a million pounds of rebar. >> this was build in 1954. they didn't quite understand the seismic properties of this. going to be very strong this time. marks 10 years since it got underway. the entire project from the sierra clear to san francisco will cost about $4.6 million. remember tahoe, the
6:47 pm
abandoned baby bear club. someone mysteriously drop her off at the bear league. so cute. turns out a man find the cub crying and tolding her deceased mother. h picks her up and drove her six hours to the facility. staffers hope to get her back into the wild within a year. i could watch that video all day. so cute. >> you the definitely see the claws. so cute. >> reporter: really comfortable if nothing changed. there is a couple days where it will be similar to today. it is not the next few. great shot from the oakland airport. little slice of the bay bridge.
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current temperatures are really comfortable. if you like weather close to normal, this is all you get into saturday, materialiest. 76, 36. 70degrees. 60degrees in san francisco. very comfortable night. keep the windows only. 5352 will be your lope tonight. still someone chilly out toward vacaville. sun is up early. 6:16a.m. tomorrow. the sun is up. now, a lot of the country that would mean we kind of know what the temperature is going to be. for us, we could be sunny and 55. we could be sunny and 898. sfo we will get an eastbound.
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we will have highs in the i 90s. hottest day will be the similar bring, different wind direction. we drop it 10 degrees. another stronger other show pushing up. we will have temperatures 30 millioner. tomorrow, wednesday some of you the gallery, clienting mr. bastida seems to like this. 87. oakland is 80. 13degrees above normal. s will altos 876789 union city warmer. danville 87 degrees.
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pittsburgh 90. vallejo 84. look at the you in daily city. 72 tomorrow. tomorrow will be the coolest day of the next free. ,, that is your forecast. sports, next. ? they're dealing with a
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nba playoffs up top. the warriors blew out the clippers yesterday to even the series. the clippers, they have been dealing with a lot more than that. commissioner holding press conference tomorrow to announce punishment for its owner, donald sterling. clippers head coach doc rivers has not spoken to him about advertise racially responsible clients. doug thinks clippers should boycott tomorrow's game. as for the praise, they are not sure what to expect from the home grass. >> i i would lying if i didn't say i was going to nervous what it would be like. our team has been amazing all yearlong. i hope it will be the same.
6:54 pm
but you never know. out... lebron took over in e the miami heat showing their support for the clippers wearing their warmups inside out. lebron took over in the second half. he had 31 as miami beat charlotte 109-98 to sweep the series and advance to the second round. nhl first round three games to none over the kings, gone. it is a night in los angeles. so it was another chance to clear them out. they will be bout their best defenseman. that would be vlasik.
6:55 pm
oh. a change between the post. goalie will make his first season ever. the kings aren't coming in to down. >> looking too cold. probably should just throw and fire. the headliners... july 12 wl be the last football game at candlestick park... ...49er epic roast house today. wail until you see the headliners. july'12 will be the last football game at candle stick. roger craig, joe montana. look at the -- form dolphins.
6:56 pm
>> the glad he could live. >> that's right. ray allen, you have to get it. some of these high knees would be hurt. we want them to say we're playing like we were when we were 20 and 30. by think the games will enjoy this game. >> who came out with the can idea of playing a a flag football game. >> the games in charge, we had a blast. we shared the same rocker room. so both teams are in there. some silly things keep
6:57 pm
happening. but the thing always happens? the game always a. >> that competitiveness starts to come out. nobody cares. then it is at tend of the game, look out. nobody wants to you. very competitive. >> thank you so far. fire department, h police department. also, one of the kids' parks right there by candle stick. going to have fun. say good-bye to candle stick our own. was this sports world, how. >> i'm sure they are practicing. >> roger will get honorable mention. >> yeah. he will. >> never gets old. >> never gets old. >> see you at 11:00.
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harvey. we got a good one for you today, we got a family returning for the second day, straight out of boston, mass, it's the mccarthy family. audience: [cheering] steve: and, from loganville, georgia, it's the sells family. audience: [cheering] steve: everybody's here, trying to win theirself a lot of cash, and the possibility of driving away in a brand new, fuel efficient, ford fusion. audience: [cheering] steve: let's get it on. give me dwight, give me robin, let's go. [music] here we go, guys, top 8 answers on the board.


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